Today's Stats
  • Today's Patients Admitted : 45
  • Today's Out Patient Consultation : 929
  • Today's Laboratory : Pathology : 270 | Bio-Chemistry: 619 | microbiology : 173
  • Today's Radiology : MRI : 23 | CT : 22 | Ultra Sound : 59 | X-Rays : 75
  • Today's Cath Lab : 4
  • Today's ERCP : 01
  • Today's Surgeries : 26
  • Today's Endoscopy : 5
  • Today's Dental : 22
  • Today's Dialysis : 10


Overview of Department

The Department of Anatomy’s goal is to assist undergraduate students in being trained in areas such as gross anatomy, osteology, microscopic anatomy, developmental anatomy, surface anatomy, neuroanatomy, and radiographic anatomy. The major goal is to provide students and professors with up-to-date knowledge on the most recent breakthroughs in human anatomy to assist their learning and research pursuits, and thereby help the medical community as a whole.
The available faculty, infrastructure, and equipment adhere to the guidelines set by N.M.C. and K.N.R.U.H.S. for facilitating undergraduate education.

Departmental Faculty

As per NMC norms department has full fledged faculty under

  1. Professor ( HOD )
  2. Associate Professor
  3. Assistant Professors
  4. Tutors

Courses Offered



The Research work of the department has been widely acclaimed, both at National & International level. At present three Research projects have been submitted for funding.

Teaching & Learning Resources

The departmental library has a collection of over 160+ books as well as two desktop computers that provide internet access.
There is an adequate supply of cadavers to meet the requirements of both undergraduate teaching and research.
Teaching resources such as OHP, LCD projectors, models, and charts are available to facilitate the teaching of gross, microscopic, and developmental anatomy.


As diagnostic and treatment methods have grown in significance, students are taught Radiological Anatomy in the course to familiarise them with imaging techniques. The X-ray library has meticulously compiled a series of crucial radiographs, CT scans, and MRI films that are discussed and demonstrated with the students.


The Anatomy Museum offers a large selection of dry and wet specimens that were created under the supervision of successive departmental staff. Specimens include gross anatomy, neuroanatomy, embryology, X-ray lobbies with radiographs, genetic charts, skeletons, and individual bones. Specimens are displayed system-wide in the Museum. The Museum displays specimens in a systematic manner. For easy specimen referencing, catalogues are placed.

Dissection Hall is occupied with

  • Two – Body Injectors for embalming procedures
  • Six – Cadaver Storage Tanks to store up to 20 cadavers
  • A Cold Storage (mortuary chamber) with capacity for preserving up to 4 deceased bodies
  • A power saw and a meat-cutting machine for sectioning the bones and soft tissues.

Histology Lab

A binocular microscope that has an HD camera and LCD projector for demonstrating histology practical classes to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.
Two rotary microtomes, one incubator, a hot water bath, a refrigerator, and staining materials, along with sufficient slide cabinets for preparing and staining histology slides.
H&E and special staining slides are prepared for both UG and PG teaching.
120 compound microscopes and five dissecting microscopes with trinocular microscopes for providing individual student demonstrations.
There are Different kinds of Microtomes(Rotatory & Sliding), Incubator & Ovens.